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BLACKIRIS is a premium hookah tobacco brand known for its Russian dark leaf-style tobacco with a unique Middle Eastern twist, offering a distinct, long-lasting flavor experience.

Why Blackiris?

Unrivaled Flavor Complexity

Blackiris offers a distinctive flavor profile with black toasted notes, setting it apart from traditional hookah tobaccos.

Russian Authenticity

Experience Middle Eastern tradition with Blackiris, blending Russian authenticity and Jordanian flair in tobacco craftsmanship.

Premium Quality

Blackiris ensures a premium smoking experience through meticulous sourcing and production, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality.

Experience Blackiris

Innovative Smoking Rituals, where innovation meets tradition, offering a perfect blend of boldness and smoothness, revolutionizing your hookah enjoyment.

Exclusive and Limited

Not just a brand, but a limited edition experience embodying rarity and exclusivity. Join the elite connoisseurs' community today.

Unbeatable Flavor Endurance

Flavors never fading throughout your hookah session, offering an unbeatable taste sensation.

Where to buy

Places where you can buy and try our blends!

Beach Vibes, Good Food & Unforgettable Atmosphere !
⏰ 8 AM - 3 AM
📍 7th Circle - Beside The Abdeen - Naimat Complex
📞 07 8991 1777

Shishabox is an online retail shop and store. You can order by visiting

Groceries Mini Market
⏰ 9 AM - 12 AM
📍 Raghadan - Daheyat Prince Hassan

⏰ 9 AM - 2 AM
📍 Abu Alanda - Asmaa bent Salameh Street

⏰ 9 AM - 1 AM
📍 Mecca Street - Beside Sub Laban
📞 0795447666

Premium Tobacco Store!
⏰ 10.30 AM - 12 AM
📍 Prince Hashim Street, Near Abdoun Circle
📞 0799808084

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Whether you are a distributor, a retail shop, an online store, cafe, or hookah lounge, contact us at with your interests, and we will gladly address your inquiries.


Customers thoughts!

Unlike other Molasses, Blackiris keeps its flavor strong and consistent from the beginning to the end, even after the charcoal goes out, making it a unique and exceptional smoking experience.

The tobacco in Blackiris is black like Russian tobacco, and the shisha is very finely cut. The glycerin content is excellent, and its quality is very high.

The clouds are very dense and without any impact on the taste or flavor, and there is no burnt taste throughout the smoking session, and the flavor remains consistent until the charcoal is finished.