About Us

Welcome to BLACK IRIS ! We're proud to introduce our handcrafted toasted black leaf shisha, meticulously crafted from a special blend of Havanas Burley tobacco leaves, natural black molasses, and USP glycerin. Our unique infusion of flavors delivers a distinctive tobacco taste with a higher nicotine level and a robust deep base. Despite its intensity, BLACK IRIS ensures a smooth inhale and produces voluminous clouds upon exhale.

At BLACK IRIS , we're committed to quality sourcing. We select only the finest organic pure burley tobacco leaves from elite farms in Europe, blending them with our proprietary black honey mix and special sauce to create our signature toasted shisha. We prioritize freshness and affordability, offering our consumers premium shisha at competitive prices.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond our products. We foster sustainable partnerships with farmers and aroma developers, collaborating to innovate and create unforgettable blends and flavors. BLACK IRIS  is born from our love for shisha; our passion infuses every pack we produce.

We recognized a gap in the market and set out to fill it with BLACK IRIS —a shisha experience unlike any other. Our commitment to full-mouth flavor, smooth smoke, and professional manufacturing ensures a superior, relaxing experience at a convenient price point.

Join us in experiencing the difference with BLACK IRIS . Try it for yourself and discover a new standard in shisha enjoyment.